No time? No problem

As an entrepreneur, wife, mother and a triathlete, I know how difficult it is to have an exercise routine balanced with the demands of our daily life. I also know that for some people the environment of a gym can be oppressive and be an additional challenge in trying to have a regular practice of physical activity.

Thinking of all this, here in Core Tri Fitness we have activities that you can include in your routine, regardless of travel, lack of time or even lack of space!

Low Pressure Fitness is an example of this.

With little or no equipment, just with breathing and specific postures, we see incredible results, both aesthetic, as the reduction of waist circumference and well-being, as management of back pain and headaches already from the session #1.

We have had excellent results with clients who are at the basic level, doing only one session per week plus a 5-minute practice at home (see some of them in our Instagram or Facebook).

This is not about some kind of express miracle, this is about knowledge and consistency!

Want to know more about our classes, contact us!

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